Manufacturing Technology of Japanese Laminated Tubes

We established KYODO PRINTING (VIETNAM) CO. LTD. as the first laminated tube production base in Southeast Asia. Kyodo Printing Co., Ltd. has the No. 1 market share of the entire laminated tube sales in Japan. The Vietnam Plant conducts its business with one-of-the-kind tubing and printing technology, as well as an R&D team, facilities and know-how that we believe are at world's leading standards.



2019.10.01 |
Will be participating in “COSMEX 2019” (5 Nov. – 7 Nov., Thailand) and “Cosmopack Asia 2019” (12 Nov. – 14 Nov., Hong Kong).
2017.09.11 |
Put into operation of new high-speed manufacturing line in September, 2017.
2015.10.06 |
Completed construction.
Started manufacturing from October, 2015.