The quality of our modern-style 6-color flexographic printing is no less than that of gravure printing.
Because of low cost and easy changeover property, flexo is small-production-run friendly.


We laminate adhesive-coated film on printed surface. This enables robust side-seam seal strength and 360-degree-printing.

Composition Example


Modern seamer and header machines made in Switzerland operate the tasks. After that the machine rolls laminate web into a sleeve, cuts, and seams it. What has been made here is the body part of the tube.

Shoulder molding + joining

A donuts-shaped preform is heated and melted into the shoulder of the tube, and pressure-attached to the sleeve-like tube body. Operators are trained to achieve equally high seam strength across all individual tubes manufactured.

cap molding+fitting

Caps, made though injection molding, are manually attached to the tube one by one with care, and go through meticulous inspection.

nspection/ packing,/shipment

All tubes manufactured go through automated inspections by multiple cameras, and then be checked again by trained inspecting staff’s human eyes. Only select, high quality tubes will be packed in cartons with the Kyodo Printing (Vietnam) logo on them, and delivered to customers in the most agile manner.

nspection/ packing,/shipment


化粧品KYODO PRINTING Vietnam subsidiary’s ultimate goal is to provide high quality containers that protect, decorate, promote, and thus accentuate the charms of cosmetic and personal care goods made for the aesthetic-conscious Vietnamese and other Southeast Asian consumers. For this reason, we first introduced the cosmetic tube manufacturing lines as soon as the plant was build.
Great customer appeal is essential to great cosmetic and personal care products, especially to those products that have just hit the market.
KPV’s local sales force garners hands-on information about customers’ needs. Based on this information, the headquarters’ R&D team, whose office is in Tokyo, develops brand new products to propose, which Asians find attractive.
Even though what’s really important is the product contained in the packaging, people consciously and subconsciously believe that the packaging grade indicates theproduct itself. We always try our best to provide only packaging that sends the right signals to consumers so that they’ll feel the product’s true value, understands its worth, and be tempted to choose the product out of all competitors’.


Oral Care

Oral CareGlobally manufactured laminated tubes are mostly for oral care products.
Kyodo Printing has the No.1 market share of toothpast tubes in Japan, yielding over 200 million laminated tubes every year.
We’re proud of our good reputation and trust gained from customers for the quality and agile service we have been countinuously trying to improve.
KPV will inherit the parent company’s strengths and intelligence, and deliver high quality tubes at more reasonable prices and with even shorter lead time.

Pharmaceutical Products

Pharmaceutical ProductsThe Vietnam Plant is equipped with class 100,000 clean rooms, and operates under the conditions of ISO9001, ISO14001, and its original quality control system based on GMP. Our tubes, manufactured in this highly hygienic environment, are well-suited for most pharmaceutical products. In addition, Kyodo Printing’s tubes have been used for medical products. KYODO PRINTING (VIETNAM) CO. LTD. also produce tubes under the exact same system of hygiene management and quality control in Japan.